Cycle Squawk

Newsmakers of 2012

2012 NEWSMAKERS: Here's a look at some of the people, places and things that made headlines in the Cortez Journal in 2012. The 2012 newsmakers run the gamut from good to bad, tragic to successful,...

DATE: Dec. 28, 2012 | CATEGORY: Living

Top 10 Stories of 2012

2012 TOP STORIES: As always, the region saw its share of news events throughout the year.The largest issue by far was fire, but just as big and related to fire, was the ongoing drought. With the...

DATE: Dec. 28, 2012 | CATEGORY: Local News

Pumpkin Picassos

Pumpkin Picassos: Here's a look at some pumpkin creations submitted by Journal readers.

DATE: Nov. 1, 2012 | CATEGORY: Arts and Entertainment

Butch & Sundance

The names Butch and Sundance are as well known as the wild West has ever know. This two-part series takes a closer look at the infamous outlaws who left their mark around the Southwest and West.

DATE: Oct. 17, 2012 | CATEGORY: Local News

Montezuma County Fair

A look at the annual fair in photos.Photos by Sam Green

DATE: Aug. 8, 2012 | CATEGORY: Local News

Living in the moment

Leonard Cain beams with the pride of a teenage spelling bee champ.He walks around the exhibit of pottery, pointing to pieces that he shaped with his skilled hands. For more than 20 years, Cain's...

DATE: Aug. 4, 2012 | CATEGORY: Living

Understanding the hummingbird

Each spring, as the snows vanish from the high country and warmth returns to Southwest Colorado, color begins to flit across the sky in the form of hummingbirds making their pilgrimage back to...

DATE: July 31, 2012 | CATEGORY: Local News

Shelter from the Night

The Bridge Emergency Shelter is open every year from mid-October to mid-April, providing a facility for people in need of shelter from the cold winter nights.Over a one year period, two people have...

DATE: July 24, 2012 | CATEGORY: News

Mancos teen wins national recognition

Easton LaChappelle is a whiz kid. A geek, a nerd, the science dude.“Yeah, I'm pretty much all of those,” the 16-year-old Mancos teen says.“In science class, everybody wants to be my partner. They...

DATE: July 14, 2012 | CATEGORY: Living

Drought coverage

DROUGHT 2012 has not been kind to local agriculture producers. With a hot, dry and windy spring coupled with a mediocre snowpack over the winter, water supplies are low. In this drought content...

DATE: June 26, 2012 | CATEGORY: Local News

Unearthing new mysteries

On a quiet hill south of Dove Creek archaeologists are digging into the history of Southwest Colorado and the ancient civilizations that left behind their artifacts and mysteries.Located at upper...

DATE: June 4, 2012 | CATEGORY: Local News

The Hat Maker

THE HAT MAKER In a vanishing craft, Mancos man still specializes in making cowboy hats.

DATE: April 27, 2012 | CATEGORY: Living