The Day of the Dead

DATE: Nov. 4, 2015 | CATEGORY: Local News

Bennet welcomes final crowdfunding rules

WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet welcomed the recent news that the Securities and Exchange Commission had approved final rules for crowdfunding. The long-awaited announcement came more than...

DATE: Nov. 4, 2015 | CATEGORY: Local News

EPA working through Gold King Mine spill reimbursements

La Plata County and the Southern Ute Indian Tribe may have as many as 180 additional days to reach an agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency on reimbursement for costs associated with...

DATE: Nov. 4, 2015 | CATEGORY: Local News

Whole Foods drops products made in prison

Colorado prison officials expressed disappointment Thursday at a decision by Whole Foods to discontinue buying products manufactured by its prisoners as part of a work program. Colorado...

DATE: Oct. 8, 2015 | CATEGORY: Local News

State gets panel on mascots

DENVER – Gov. John Hickenlooper on Tuesday signed an executive order creating a commission to study migrating away from Native American mascots. The order comes after legislation failed this year...

DATE: Oct. 8, 2015 | CATEGORY: Local News

The Pot Tax, Part 3

DENVER – Colorado voters this November will be asked yet again to vote on a marijuana tax question, this time focused on retaining revenue. Proposition BB asks voters to allow the state to keep...

DATE: Oct. 8, 2015 | CATEGORY: Local News

Conference looks at growing economy

Professionals from all across the state are pouring into Durango this week to learn about developing a vibrant local economy. Nonprofit Downtown Colorado Inc. is hosting its annual conference in...

DATE: Oct. 8, 2015 | CATEGORY: Local News

Fund shortfall could sink insurance co-op

DENVER – A dire funding announcement last week could leave thousands of consumers using Colorado’s federally-backed health insurance nonprofit cooperative scrambling. The Centers for Medicare and...

DATE: Oct. 8, 2015 | CATEGORY: Local News

Group rehabilitates badgers displaced by gas drilling

What began as a gas-drilling accident this past spring turned into an unusual wildlife rehabilitation success story. Three motherless baby badgers were returned to the wild this summer after a...

DATE: Oct. 8, 2015 | CATEGORY: Local News

Aspen suffering from fungal disease

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. Visitors marveling at the fall foliage in national forests might find that some of the aspen leaves are brown and blotchy or gone already. Spores released from leaves and twigs...

DATE: Oct. 8, 2015 | CATEGORY: Local News

Weld likely top gas producer

GREELEY (AP) – Weld County may soon become Colorado’s top county in terms of natural gas production. In the game of musical chairs that characterizes fossil-fuel energy production, no single county...

DATE: Sept. 21, 2015 | CATEGORY: Business

State may give Native mascots second look

Ute tribal leaders say the state could be a shining example for the nation if Native American mascots were retired at public schools. Earlier this year, House Bill 15-1165 was introduced in Denver...

DATE: Sept. 16, 2015 | CATEGORY: DS - Education

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