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Two bills tightening gun regulations go to Gov. Polis, who will sign them

State lawmakers have sent two bills that would tighten gun regulations in Colorado to Gov. Jared Polis, who plans to sign them into law. Senate Bill 78 would require Coloradans to report a lost or...

DATE: April 12, 2021 | CATEGORY: Local News

Biden will regulate gun device possibly used in Boulder shooting

A gun accessory possibly used by the gunman who killed 10 people at a Boulder King Sooper’s last month will be more regulated by the federal government, President Joe Biden said Wednesday as he...

DATE: April 9, 2021 | UPDATED: 4 days 14 hours ago | CATEGORY: Local News

Colorado to ease mask mandate; Biden asks to stay the course

Gov. Jared Polis on Friday finalized his decision to ease the state’s mask mandate starting on Saturday, allowing people in about half of the state’s 64 counties, but only representing a fraction...

DATE: April 2, 2021 | CATEGORY: Local News

Colorado lawmakers are creating a fund to raise teacher pay

When teachers descend on the Colorado Capitol to demand pay raises, they’re often met with a common refrain from state lawmakers: Talk to your districts. That’s because it’s not the legislature...

DATE: March 31, 2021 | CATEGORY: Local News

Colorado will give sex assault victims unlimited time to sue abusers

Colorado will give recent and future sexual assault survivors, including those molested as children, unlimited time to sue their abusers. But a separate effort to give victims of historic abuse an...

DATE: March 31, 2021 | CATEGORY: Local News

Colorado will open coronavirus vaccine to everyone 16 and older Friday

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis announced on Monday that everyone in the state age 16 and older will be eligible for a coronavirus vaccine starting on Friday, weeks earlier than initially planned. The...

DATE: March 29, 2021 | CATEGORY: Local News

State to relax dial level for its COVID-19 response

Colorado next week will once again loosen its coronavirus dial system . The state will make it easier for counties to relax restrictions on businesses, office space and restaurants and allow bars...

DATE: March 21, 2021 | CATEGORY: Local News

Statehouse Democrats to introduce $4 billion transportation plan

Colorado drivers would begin paying a new fee of 2 cents on every gallon of gas they purchase starting in July 2022 under legislation Democratic state lawmakers plan to introduce in the coming...

DATE: March 21, 2021 | CATEGORY: Local News

How Bennet plans to ensure Child Tax Credit expansion continues

Michael Bennet on Wednesday floated the idea of bypassing the U.S. Senate’s filibuster rule to extend the Child Tax Credit expansion beyond its 2022 expiration date through a parliamentary process...

DATE: March 18, 2021 | CATEGORY: Local News

Candidates for Colorado GOP leadership cast doubt on 2020 vote

Four of the five candidates running to be the next leader of the Colorado GOP continue to cast doubt on the results of the 2020 presidential election. All have admitted there is no evidence of a...

DATE: March 17, 2021 | CATEGORY: Local News

Gregg Smith ends bid to unseat Republican Lauren Boebert

Democrat Gregg Smith is ending his short-lived campaign to unseat Republican U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert on Monday, saying he’s now confident there are other progressive candidates who can win in...

DATE: March 15, 2021 | CATEGORY: Local News

Colorado Supreme Court: Dems’ speed-reading violated constitution

In a 4-3 decision handed down on Monday, the Colorado Supreme Court confirmed that Democrats in the state Senate violated Colorado’s constitution in 2019 when they ordered bills to be speed-read by...

DATE: March 15, 2021 | CATEGORY: Local News

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