Position: Reporter

Email: lukeg@cortezjournal.com

Phone Number: 970-564-6033

About: Luke Groskopf joined the Cortez Journal in November 2012 as a reporter covering the county and education beats. Luke grew up in Wisconsin and migrated to Southwest Colorado with his family in 2001. He graduated from Wheaton College in 2011 with a bachelor's degree in International Relations, envisioning a career at diplomatic posts overseas. Instead, he ended up back home in Durango, where he interned at the Durango Herald for six months before transferring to Cortez. He likes telling the stories of a town and its people via journalism. Luke is a travel bug who doesn't mind wandering aimlessly; if he can't physically go places he settles for reading about them. In his spare time he enjoys soccer, skiing, documentaries, cooking with mixed results and exploring the mountain bike trails around Cortez. Read More

Taking stock of local school kitchens

JoDee Powers, coordinator for Livewell Montezuma, stopped by the Montezuma-Cortez School District Re-1 board meeting this week to deliver some exciting news. The district will get a school meal...

DATE: March 8, 2013 | CATEGORY: Local News

Reverse 911 service is live

Next time you feel your phone buzz or chirp with an incoming text message, it could be the law. Don't worry - they're not after you. They're trying to help. On March 1, the Montezuma County...

DATE: March 8, 2013 | CATEGORY: Local News

Sequester impacts still a mystery to local entities

Sequestration. It's a big, cumbersome word, and, for now, an even bigger mystery. Area officials are expressing near-unanimous uncertainty over how the across-the-board spending cuts signed into...

DATE: March 6, 2013 | CATEGORY: Local News

Empire makes power play

Empire Electric Association, together with a coalition of other electric cooperatives and large industrial clients, filed a formal complaint Monday with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission...

DATE: March 5, 2013 | CATEGORY: Local News

Ready for a disaster

When disaster strikes, it's good to be ready. That's the rationale of Paul Hollar, deputy emergency manager for Montezuma County.Hollar submitted a grant application to the Colorado Department of...

DATE: March 5, 2013 | CATEGORY: Local News

Questions over water rights

The Montezuma County commissioners sparred with public lands officials on Tuesday over issues of water rights, grazing permits and federal acquisitions of private property. At issue were seven...

DATE: March 1, 2013 | CATEGORY: Local News

Friends & business partners

Warm day. Cold drinks. Close friends. Combine these three ingredients and good times are sure to follow.Enjoying a beer - or whichever alcoholic beverage you prefer - with friends is a pastime many...

DATE: March 1, 2013 | CATEGORY: Living

Transitioning to the great wide open

The end of high school is a milestone to be celebrated. It evokes strong, sometimes conflicting emotions: relief, nostalgia, excitement, nerves. It's also a crossroads with big, open-ended...

DATE: Feb. 28, 2013 | CATEGORY: Local News

Suckla off to Washington

Larry Don Suckla is still settling in to his new job as Montezuma County commissioner. Sworn in less than two months ago, Suckla is now hoping to make an impression on the big stage. He is...

DATE: Feb. 28, 2013 | CATEGORY: Local News

Healthy living is topic of discussion

"Pick your battles" is an old axiom, and one the health care crowd in Montezuma County is taking to heart. Local nutritionists, clinicians and public health officials gathered at Axis Health System...

DATE: Feb. 26, 2013 | CATEGORY: Local News

Much to grouse about

DOVE CREEK - Residents of this rural, isolated community are feeling on edge. Not about water shortage or commodity prices, although those issues are weighing on their minds too. The biggest stir...

DATE: Feb. 26, 2013 | CATEGORY: Local News

Architect for new high school chosen

Blueprints for the new Montezuma-Cortez High School should start to take shape in coming weeks. After interviewing three finalists for architect, a seven-member selection committee picked...

DATE: Feb. 22, 2013 | CATEGORY: Local News

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