Here’s how the internet’s tentacles grabbed me

WASHINGTON – I got hacked. It was scary. In this age of cybereverything, we all live in dread that we’re going to be attacked by the internet. Nearly everyone seems vulnerable. The internet is...

DATE: July 25, 2019 | COLUMN: Robert Samuelson

The cancerous consensus in today’s Washington

You often hear that in these polarized times, Republicans and Democrats are deadlocked on almost everything. But the real scandal is what both sides agree on. The best example of this might be the...

DATE: July 22, 2019 | COLUMN: Fareed Zakaria

Is Russia’s Putin right that liberalism is obsolete?

WASHINGTON – It looks as if Vladimir Putin wants to be recalled as something besides an aggressive autocrat. He yearns, it seems, to be seen as a leading political thinker, respected for his...

DATE: July 11, 2019 | COLUMN: Robert Samuelson

George Will’s book shows why conservatism failed

NEW YORK – Today’s crisis of conservatism has produced surprisingly few books that try to understand what exactly has happened to the venerable creed. For decades, conservatism was a dominant...

DATE: July 8, 2019 | COLUMN: Fareed Zakaria

Bernie, the ’30s called and wants its decade back

WASHINGTON – Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, a leading candidate for the Democratic nomination for president, is a man from the 1930s. If you didn’t believe that before, you certainly should now....

DATE: June 24, 2019 | COLUMN: Robert Samuelson

Civility doesn’t just work, it also makes us noble

WASHINGTON – In his 1984 book, “The Naked Public Square,” Richard John Neuhaus recalled attending an event featuring the late Jerry Falwell Sr., who delivered an excoriation of liberals and other...

DATE: June 13, 2019 | COLUMN: Michael Gerson

Trump’s Mexico tariffs would be risky and nasty

WASHINGTON – President Trump’s latest foray into trade policy is notable for its economic recklessness (it could tip Mexico into a recession, followed perhaps by the United States), its gratuitous...

DATE: June 10, 2019 | COLUMN: Robert Samuelson

Solutions for high water

For some time, those of us that fly fish have been hoping for wetter falls, winters and springs. If you haven’t noticed, we finally got our wish. It is now May, and the ski area is still open....

DATE: May 3, 2019 | COLUMN: Writers on the Range

Rep. Ilhan Omar wickedly uses Trump’s playbook

WASHINGTON – What does Rep. Ilhan Omar have in common with President Trump? Sadly, more than you would think. The Democratic freshman from Minnesota is perhaps the most prominent victim of the...

DATE: March 7, 2019 | COLUMN: Dana Milbank

MAGA is spent – unless you’re an adolescent

WASHINGTON – Humans do the strangest things. In two recent why-dunits, the curious have wondered why: (1) a successful TV star would allegedly orchestrate a fake, hate-inspired attack on himself,...

DATE: March 4, 2019 | COLUMN: Kathleen Parker

Four-wheel low

When I have to put my truck into four-wheel low to get out of my driveway, I know the dreaded disease of, “There’s no where to fly fish” is about to overtake me. She who must be obeyed, (SWMBO)...

DATE: March 1, 2019 | COLUMN: Writers on the Range

Student-centered budgeting is on all our minds

When our board adopted our district strategic plan this fall, one of the four overarching priorities was student-centered budgeting. The strategic plan states that “the district will maintain a...

DATE: Feb. 25, 2019 | COLUMN: Education Update

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