Andrew Gulliford

Andrew Gulliford

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Andrew Gulliford

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Andrew Gulliford

Position: For The Journal

Lost and hungry scouts: A Mormon Christmas story

When we think of Christmas Eve, we think of glowing fires, comfortable couches, a glass of eggnog, families sheltered inside safe and warm. For four Mormon scouts in southeast Utah during that cold...

DATE: Dec. 12, 2020 | COLUMN: Gulliford's travels

Bears in the woods: Social distancing with big bruins

Now, don’t get me wrong. I like bears, but at a distance. Say, as a brown dot in my binoculars. Or in children’s books or as film stars in funny, animated movies, but not in camp. Bears belong in...

DATE: Nov. 13, 2020 | COLUMN: Gulliford's travels

An elk hunter welcomes wolves

Though elk numbers are alarmingly low in the San Juan Mountains, I am an elk hunter who welcomes the return of wolves to Colorado. Why would I want to compete for elk meat with another top-tier...

DATE: Oct. 9, 2020 | COLUMN: Gulliford's travels

The passing of a Pueblo elder: Remembering Peter Pino

When I learned that my friend Peter Pino had passed on from complications of coronavirus I was devastated. I took a long walk at twilight remembering Peter’s quiet way of speaking and his...

DATE: Sept. 11, 2020 | COLUMN: Gulliford's travels

The Other Four Corners: High in the San Juan National Forest four counties meet

Most everyone has been to the Four Corners Monument with its outdoor concrete patio and granite-and-bronze circle. Tourists sprawl in contorted positions to get both hands and both feet in each of...

DATE: Aug. 8, 2020 | COLUMN: Gulliford's travels

Cedar Mesa Perishables Project examines 1,000-year-old fiber, wood artifacts

In the 1890s, cowboy archaeologists dug caves in remote sections of Utah’s Bears Ears. They created Basketmaker and Ancestral Puebloan artifact collections that have been hidden away for over a...

DATE: July 12, 2020 | COLUMN: Gulliford's travels

Westerners used to wear masks

Because of the coronavirus, we are now asked to wear masks while working and shopping downtown. Westerners used to wear masks a century ago, so the fashion has come back around. Butch Cassidy and...

DATE: June 13, 2020 | COLUMN: Gulliford's travels

As in the Great Depression, today’s economic refugees may take to the road

How do you write a travel column when you cannot travel? How do you write with historical perspective when you are in the middle of an historical moment? Now more than ever, we need history and...

DATE: May 9, 2020 | COLUMN: Gulliford's travels

Adventure seekers: FLC award inspires students to pursue outdoor dreams

Author’s note: Even with a viral pandemic and a downturn in the economy, it is important to plan for the future. Fort Lewis College is doing just that. If Durangoans can’t spend time outdoors right...

DATE: April 11, 2020 | COLUMN: Gulliford's travels

Pioneering passion for plants: Botanist Alice Eastwood explored the Southwest

The American West has always had extraordinary women, but few of them have stopped to pick the flowers. For Women’s History Month, it is important to remember Alice Eastwood. This Canadian-born,...

DATE: March 17, 2020 | COLUMN: Gulliford's travels

A failed attempt to remove the Southern Utes to San Juan County, Utah

Whenever I hike in Bears Ears National Monument, I think about how it almost became an Native American reservation. Over a century ago, Durango businessmen actively campaigned to remove the...

DATE: Feb. 8, 2020 | COLUMN: Gulliford's travels

On the trail of tiny tubers This Four Corners potato was a staple of Native American diets

For years, we’ve learned that ancestral Puebloans depended upon corn, beans and squash, nicknamed The Three Sisters, for sustenance. Well, move over sisters. Little brother spud is about to take...

DATE: Jan. 10, 2020 | COLUMN: Gulliford's travels

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