Farmers Market: Breen Mesa Farm Creamery has goat cheese

Breen Mesa Farms Creamery opened in May of this year, and according to owner Edit Aquarian, it is “the only FDA-approved mobile milk parlor in Colorado.” The farm and creamery specializes in soft...

DATE: Aug. 20, 2019 | CATEGORY: Living

Hula dancing brightens community garden’s open house

Ohana Kuleana Community Garden celebrated its open house and the 91st birthday of its master gardener with hula dancing, grilled veggies and a birthday carrot cake on Sunday. Ananda Foley, founder...

DATE: Aug. 18, 2019 | CATEGORY: Living

LPEA spends $800,000 a year to protect birds from electrocution

Protecting eagles, hawks and other wildlife from electrocution has become an increasingly higher priority for utility companies across the U.S. But it’s not cheap. Since 2017, La Plata Electric...

DATE: Aug. 15, 2019 | CATEGORY: Living

Prune tomato plants for better fruit

Mention the word pruning to any gardener, and most will automatically think of tree and shrub pruning. Yet, there are other plants you should be pruning this time of year – your tomatoes. Tomato...

DATE: Aug. 8, 2019 | CATEGORY: Living

TOPS weight-loss group installs retained officers

The Journal The Cortez chapter of the national weight-loss group Take Off Pounds Sensibly on Aug. 2 retained and installed its officers, according to press release from Leader Judy Echols. They are...

DATE: Aug. 7, 2019 | CATEGORY: Living

Southwest Colorado’s fruit season stretches creativity

This summer, my family traveled to both coasts to spend time with different sets of extended family. The gatherings were multi-generational, each of us with our own specific link to one another...

DATE: Aug. 7, 2019 | CATEGORY: Living

No know-how? No problem at Powerhouse’s new Tinker Lab

Cecil Powell, 4, giggled with glee this week as he put pieces of felt into a wind tube at the new Tinker Lab at the Powerhouse Science Center and watched them float to the ceiling. The Tinker Lab...

DATE: Aug. 5, 2019 | CATEGORY: Living

Suicide survivor will help others learn to tell their story

Sharing the story of surviving a suicide attempt or losing a loved one to suicide can help bring others hope and healing. “It doesn’t have to be this scary, unspoken taboo,” said Emma Harmon, a...

DATE: Aug. 5, 2019 | CATEGORY: Living

‘Indian Horse’ a ‘small but huge story’

“You can’t understand where you’re going if you don’t understand where you’ve been,” Saul Indian Horse says in the opening scene of the film “Indian Horse.” And for Indian Horse, looking back meant...

DATE: July 26, 2019 | CATEGORY: Living

Our arsenal for the Mosquito War

By Gail Vanik One of the side effects of our wet winter last year is an abundance of mosquitoes, and as much as I like donating blood, this isn’t the way I’d choose to do it! I’ve been going out...

DATE: July 26, 2019 | CATEGORY: Living

Author: ‘I just sit down and let it roll’

Durangoan Ed Lehner has a lot on his plate. The retired professor is a luthier, poet, does work as an instrument repairman for the Be Frank Foundation and is a self-proclaimed “kind of a hack”...

DATE: July 26, 2019 | CATEGORY: Living

How you can avoid joining the failing $33B ‘Dietpalooza’

If it was as simple as just having a desire to look and feel your best, we’d all be rocking our favorite jeans, wouldn’t we? I can tell you that desire is not the problem. According to the National...

DATE: July 24, 2019 | CATEGORY: Living

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