Letters to the Editor

Four-day week survey due today

Dear Editor:The Re-1 School Board is in the process of deciding whether to keep the four-day school week. They are very interested the opinions of all who are impacted: students, families, staff,...

DATE: Feb. 16, 2012 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Duplicitously protesting government ‘intrusion’

Dear Editor:Frankly, I’m a bit confused about the furor over governmental “intrusion” into faith-based institutional practices. Surely no taxpayer money finds its way into such hallowed bastions....

DATE: Feb. 16, 2012 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

The continuum of care has been broken

Dear Editor:I recently read that the home health department Of Southwest Memorial Hospital was going to be closed. It saddened me to know that not only would the dedicated nurses of that department...

DATE: Feb. 11, 2012 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

What has happened to good sense?

Dear Editor:I don’t know where to start this since I am real upset and hurt. It began nearly four years ago when I found a baby fawn next to the road in the corner of my property. The mother had...

DATE: Feb. 9, 2012 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Shalom between Israel and the Philistines

Dear Editor:Several years ago I had an epiphany while watching on TV the closing ceremonies after a meeting at Camp David. The late Yasir Arafat had just been introduced by President Bill Clinton....

DATE: Feb. 7, 2012 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Home health employees, patients were thrown to the wolves

Dear Editor:The dedicated employees of Southwest Memorial Hospital Home Care were dealt a heartwrenching blow on the morning of Jan. 23 when they received a visit from Kent Helwig. The CEO was not...

DATE: Feb. 4, 2012 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Why did no one make that call?

Dear Editor:You may remember the letter written in November by the fine young director of our Child Advocacy Center asking the question above.I have some thoughts about that as an adult who was one...

DATE: Feb. 2, 2012 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Don’t socialize water rights

Dear Editor:Water is one of Colorado’s most important natural resources. This year there are two citizens’ initiatives being proposed for the ballot that, if passed, will change Colorado water...

DATE: Jan. 28, 2012 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Eliminate the threat to our Constitution

Dear Editor:Grassroots democracy is alive and well in Montezuma County. On Saturday, local citizens rallied to protect our political process from being dominated and controlled by big money and to...

DATE: Jan. 26, 2012 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Save the opportunity for meaningful elections

Dear Editor:I decided to attend the Move to Amend rally in Mancos this Saturday and was inspired by what some of our neighbors are trying to achieve. The enormous task of amending the Constitution...

DATE: Jan. 24, 2012 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

Stop going down that road

Dear Editor:“Corporations are people” is manipulative and corrupt use of the English language to fool us into believing corporations are about the people. What they intend is ultimate control of...

DATE: Jan. 21, 2012 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

It may be time to register Republican

Dear Editor:A recent editorial in the Cortez Journal correctly noted that the majority of voters in Montezuma County who are not registered Republican will be effectively disfranchised in the...

DATE: Jan. 19, 2012 | CATEGORY: Letters to the Editor

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