Baking with Betty

DATE: Oct. 8, 2011 | CATEGORY: Faith

Illuminate your understanding of Scriptures

Our consideration of the giving, writing, understanding, obeying and preserving of God’s Word, the Bible, has brought us to a third step. We call it “illumination.” It is absolutely essential to a...

DATE: Oct. 8, 2011 | CATEGORY: Faith

Ever been told you should’ve?

Ever been told, “You should’ve done this before you did that.” You should’ve called before you came over. You should’ve talked to me before you wore that dirty shirt to work. You should’ve checked...

DATE: Oct. 1, 2011 | CATEGORY: Faith

Jesus forgives people when they get lost

I love my wife Kim. I have always loved her and always will. I love her despite Golden.Last summer, our 15 year-old son, Chuck, did a three week immersion summer school at the Colorado School of...

DATE: Sept. 24, 2011 | CATEGORY: Faith


DATE: Sept. 24, 2011 | CATEGORY: Faith

New church invites public to open house event

Blessed Bible Church, a new church in the community located at 23826 County Road G in Cortez, is holding an open house on Sunday, Sept. 25, from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. The church will serve lunch and...

DATE: Sept. 24, 2011 | CATEGORY: Faith

Blessed Bible Church announces Ives’ ordination

Blessed Bible Church announces the ordination of Paul Ives into the ministry of the Gospel.Ives was ordained Aug. 28 at Blessed Bible Church located south of Cortez. Ives and his wife Lauren are...

DATE: Sept. 17, 2011 | CATEGORY: Faith

Inspiration is a divine influence

How do we know what men wrote was the full truth of what God said? It is in answer to that question that we take up the subject of inspiration. Inspiration is defined as “a divine influence upon...

DATE: Sept. 10, 2011 | CATEGORY: Faith

Education Contest winners

DATE: Sept. 3, 2011 | CATEGORY: Faith

GOP’s Bachmann has faith

ST. PAUL, Minn. — The surest place to find Michele Bachmann on Sundays this summer is at a worship service somewhere in Iowa, offering the testimony of a Republican presidential candidate who has...

DATE: Aug. 20, 2011 | CATEGORY: Faith

Drowning boy has a prayer

By MIKE BAKERand JEFF BARNARDAssociated PressLONG BEACH, Wash. — As Charles Ostrander flailed in the turbulent waves of the Pacific, it was another 12-year-old who put her life on the line to save...

DATE: Aug. 13, 2011 | CATEGORY: Faith

Don’t lock God, Jesus Christ up in a laptop

I am not a fisherman.There are probably lots of reasons why: smell, fish guts, hooks in fingers and so forth. However, probably the biggest reason is that I like my work.I love to research and...

DATE: July 23, 2011 | CATEGORY: Faith

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