Colorado roadless rule

Ever since early 2001, when President Bill Clinton announced his Roadless Area Conservation Rule in the waning days of his presidency, there has been uncertainty about what exactly that meant for...

DATE: May 3, 2012 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Tax holiday

The state House has passed, and sent to the Senate, a bill that would establish a three-day sales-tax holiday for items deemed necessary for returning to school in the fall: clothes and shoes to...

DATE: May 1, 2012 | CATEGORY: Editorials


One of the brilliant ideas of representative democracy is that citizens can choose their level of involvement. At one end of the spectrum, they can attend every board meeting, scrutinize every...

DATE: April 28, 2012 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Public land protection

While the wheels of Congress struggle to gain traction on virtually any legislation this session — and become increasingly jammed with election-year gunk — those delegates who are able to build...

DATE: April 26, 2012 | CATEGORY: Editorials

TV access

U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton, R-Cortez, is the latest in a long line of elected officials trying to get Colorado television stations for Southwest Colorado residents.That seems like such a simple,...

DATE: April 24, 2012 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Instant messages

The families of soldiers have always feared bad news from the front: word delivered by someone who witnessed the fighting, casualty lists in the newspapers, a telegram from the War Department, a...

DATE: April 21, 2012 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Legislative waste

The amount of work facing the Colorado Legislature each year is typically ambitious in proportion to the time available to lawmakers. As such, the Legislature must discipline itself to focus on the...

DATE: April 19, 2012 | CATEGORY: Editorials

‘Mommy words’

The Mommy Wars usually slip into a de facto truce during economic downturns, just because choices are so difficult to come by. Last week, any truce that might have existed was broken by not only by...

DATE: April 16, 2012 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Fire district mill levy

On a mail ballot due out next week, the Cortez Fire Protection District will ask voters to approve a 3.5-mill property tax increase, on top of the current 6.59-mill levy.Recent fires and the...

DATE: April 14, 2012 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Non-citizen tuition

Among the best ways to set a course for a productive and prosperous future is to invest in education. That is true from both the individual and community perspectives: those who make the effort to...

DATE: April 12, 2012 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Popular democracy

In 2008, the General Assembly asked Colorado voters to increase the requirements for qualifying a proposed constitutional amendment for the state’s ballot. The voters said no, which means that the...

DATE: April 10, 2012 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Drought, fire

It’s dry out there.Climatologists at Colorado State University say that 98 percent of the state is experiencing drought conditions. That’s up from 40 percent in October.The statewide snow pack is...

DATE: April 7, 2012 | CATEGORY: Editorials

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