Ginsburg redux

Recovering Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg gave a whirlwind round of talks and interviews recently, acting like someone with something to promote. In this case, it appears to be, not the...

DATE: Sept. 5, 2019 | CATEGORY: Editorials

A second chance

A victim’s outrage, or a family’s outrage, usually is part and parcel of a sentencing hearing for a guilty person who caused excessive harm. For good reasons there is usually an outpouring of anger...

DATE: Sept. 2, 2019 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Bennet’s book

In his new book, “The Land of Flickering Lights: Restoring America in an Age of Broken Politics,” Colorado’s Sen. Michael Bennet relates five situations he experienced first-hand of “Washington’s...

DATE: Aug. 29, 2019 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Get rich quick

A correspondent from Carbondale called our attention to the Colorado Public Employees Retirement Association’s investment in the GEO Group, which operates private prisons. Then the Colorado...

DATE: Aug. 22, 2019 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Left and right fight for authenticity with words, voices and tweets

Words matter,” said Congressman Joaquin Castro on his website recently, as he introduced his bill which would strike the word “alien” in the Immigration and Nationality Act and replace it with...

DATE: Aug. 19, 2019 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Giving it a shot

We are not giving away secrets to say Thomas Jefferson was a peculiar man. His faults today are as well known as his virtues; both are ample. On the plus side of the ledger, he was the nearest...

DATE: Aug. 15, 2019 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Colorado ICE protests mirrored Trump’s bluster

In advance of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement actions that were supposed to take place in multiple cities across the U.S., including Denver, last month, more than 2,000 protesters marched...

DATE: Aug. 12, 2019 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Border deal

SOMEWHERE IN IOWA – As the race for the 2020 Democratic nomination tightens, one imaginary candidate sees a way to break from the pack and calls a press conference at a Des Moines Holiday Inn....

DATE: Aug. 8, 2019 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Bad marks

When Betsy DeVos, the secretary of Education, visited Colorado Springs in late June for a pro-school-choice luncheon, she was greeted by children and adults “yelling obscenities and making nasty...

DATE: Aug. 5, 2019 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Should putting wolves back in Colorado be a 2020 ballot question?

Living in Colorado sometimes feels like playing a game called Let’s Discover The Limits of Democracy. We approach every election with ballot propositions as a contest to see whether the will of the...

DATE: Aug. 1, 2019 | CATEGORY: Editorials

As bad as our immigration mess may be, let’s leave the Holocaust out of it

The internet has been aflame with people denouncing the inhumanity of conditions in which asylum-seeking families and unaccompanied minors were being held near the U.S. southern border and...

DATE: July 29, 2019 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Liberty preserved

The U.S. Supreme Court last month shored up free speech when it ruled the federal Department of Commerce could not regulate expression through the Patent and Trademark Office. This seems like...

DATE: July 29, 2019 | CATEGORY: Editorials

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