Tax reform: GOP wager bets on business-aided economic benefits; only time will tell

Tax legislation passed by the Republicans in late December does not significantly simplify tax filing, nor does it provide tax reductions for everyone. Lower- and moderate-income payers will have...

DATE: Jan. 15, 2018 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Kids’ health care: CHP-plus program for low-income kids receives a bipartisan reprieve, for now

It is very fortunate for many Colorado children that late last month the state stepped up to provide financial support for a critical insurance program for low-income families. Because of inaction...

DATE: Jan. 9, 2018 | CATEGORY: Editorials

A fresh start: Proud GED grads face the new year, eager to put their degrees to work

There is no better example of the promise the new year can bring than the mid-December ceremony for GED graduates of the Durango Adult Education Center. And thanks to a three-year grant from the...

DATE: Jan. 4, 2018 | CATEGORY: Editorials


In contrast with last year’s abundance of snow, this winter, so far, has been extremely dry. Water managers, ag producers, skiers and river runners alike are now eyeing the sky and the weather...

DATE: Jan. 1, 2018 | CATEGORY: Editorials

2017: Looking back, water, development and public lands were in the local news

Some trends ran all the way through 2017, and most involved change. In the beginning of the year, there was snow – a whole lot of it. That enabled McPhee Reservoir to fill and spill, guaranteeing...

DATE: Dec. 28, 2017 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Methane rule: Politics and the profits of one sector cannot be allowed to trump science

In 2016, the Bureau of Land Management finalized regulations about venting, flaring or leaking natural gas during energy production on federal and tribal lands. Some provisions took effect early...

DATE: Dec. 25, 2017 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Public comment: The politics of “winning” leaves little room for the voices of ordinary people

In theory, the United States has a government of, by and for its people. Lately, though, the opinions of most people seem to matter very little. Despite bipartisan opposition from nearly everybody...

DATE: Dec. 21, 2017 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Cortez recreation center: Plans to ensure funding for popular facility are on the right track so far

The Cortez City Council and city staff have put a lot of effort into shaping the sales tax question which will continue financial support for the very popular Cortez Recreation Center. After...

DATE: Dec. 18, 2017 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Mining moves: EPA decision to drop Obama-era rule risks continuing a toxic pollution legacy

Nearly one year into the Trump administration, it is impossible to say that one is shocked or surprised by any decision made by the president, or by his Cabinet. But it is entirely appropriate to...

DATE: Dec. 14, 2017 | CATEGORY: Editorials

Mountain spirit: Peak designations honor local, world-class alpinists, their legacy and the land

On Dec. 4, 2006, Charlie Fowler and Christine Boskoff missed their flight home from China. The Norwood couple had been climbing deep in a remote mountain valley attempting a new route on Genyen...

DATE: Dec. 11, 2017 | CATEGORY: Editorials

National park fees: Americans shouldn’t be priced out of visiting

The National Park Service has extended the deadline for commenting on a proposal to drastically raise admission fees. Take advantage of the opportunity. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has announced...

DATE: Dec. 7, 2017 | CATEGORY: Editorials

SALT reform: Deduction loss may cause real pain for rural Colorado, state and local governments

There is a lot to take issue with the GOP’s rush to pass tax reform legislation. Foremost among our concerns is why, with an almost $20 trillion federal debt, are we even discussing tax cuts?...

DATE: Dec. 5, 2017 | CATEGORY: Editorials

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