Senate primary: Graham stands apart on some issues


Senate primary: Graham stands apart on some issues

Former Democrat, first to make ballot, avoids flash

Senate primary: Graham stands apart on some issues

Jack Graham

AGE: 63
RESIDENCE: Fort Collins.
EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree in history from Colorado State University.
OCCUPATION: Former CSU athletic director; former re-insurance executive.
FAMILY: Wife, Ginger; three children, plus grandchildren.
TOP ENDORSEMENTS: Has not solicited endorsements but has support of Sen. Ellen Roberts.
FUNDING: Has invested $1.5 million of own money; at least $335,235 in contributions.
PRESIDENTIAL PREFERENCE: Wanted Scott Walker; supported Donald Trump but has walked that back: “I want to see different, and I want to see better from him.”
ON SUPREME COURT NOMINEE MERRICK GARLAND: “I do think there’s value in holding the hearings.”
ON DEMOCRATIC U.S. SEN. MICHAEL BENNET: “His willingness to support the Iran nuclear agreement is completely unacceptable, and from a personal perspective, that was the tipping point for me.”
ON PRIMARY OPPONENTS: “I have a lot of respect for the other four guys ... we do share common views on how our government should be run, but there are some real differences.”
BIGGEST ISSUE: National debt and the economy: “The $19 trillion of debt that we are facing as a country represents the greatest risk to the American way of life perhaps in our history.”
ON RURAL COLORADO: “The whole subject of our energy policy is having a real impact on the Eastern Plains as well as the Western Slope.”
ON MARIJUANA: “The people of the state of Colorado have spoken up and spoken out. There’s a ‘grass-roots’ movement across the country.”
ON GUN CONTROL: “I do believe deeply that the Second Amendment and our right to bear arms is part of the fabric of being an American.”
ON ABORTION: “I believe in a woman’s right to choose.”
IMMIGRATION: “We have to start with the fact that we must secure our borders.”
ON HEALTH CARE REFORM: “There needs to be a repeal and replacement of Obamacare. ... We should be in a position that the private marketplace delivers those solutions.”
ON RAISING THE FEDERAL MINIMUM WAGE: “This is a state issue, and if the people of the state of Colorado decide there should be a different minimum wage ... then the people of Colorado can make that decision.”

How to vote

Ballots were mailed last week to those affiliated with a party. Unaffiliated voters can affiliate with a party anytime through primary election day on June 28. However, if they wish to receive a mailed ballot, they must affiliate by Monday.
Completed ballots must be received by 7 p.m. June 28, and they can be returned by mail or dropped off at 24-hour drop boxes at:
La Plata County Clerk & Recorder, 98 Everett St., Suite C, Durango.Bayfield Town Hall, 1199 Bayfield Parkway, Bayfield.La Plata County Administration Building, 1101 East Second Ave., Durango.For additional information about the ballot, places to vote in person or drop off ballots during limited hours, visit
The Herald’s election coverage continues this week with stories on all GOP U.S. Senate candidates, and the Republican races in the 3rd Congressional District and State Board of Education. Coverage of last week’s debate between the Democratic candidates in the district attorney contest can be found at

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