Experience vs. upstart in GOP’s 3rd District


Experience vs. upstart in GOP’s 3rd District


Experience vs. upstart in GOP’s 3rd District

Alex Beinstein

AGE: 27
RESIDENCE: Carbondale
EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree from the University of Chicago; law degree from the University of Main School of Law
OCCUPATION: Candidate for 3rd Congressional District
FAMILY: Single; two parents; three older sisters
FUNDING: $4,060 in reported contributions
TOP ISSUE: “It’s a combination of the tariff and Saudi Arabia. The tariff is the best way to bring back American jobs ... We have to change our relationship with Saudi Arabia.”
PRESIDENTIAL PREFERENCE: Supported Marco Rubio; Never supported Donald Trump and is considering writing in a choice for president
ON PRIMARY OPPONENT: “I’ve never seen him (Scott Tipton) do anything that shows he has compassion or a heart for people who are struggling.”
ON RURAL COLORADO: “Education has come up a lot. There’s a lot of people that are furious with Common Core.”
ON ABORTION: “I’m pro-life. I’m not one of these people thank thinks it makes sense to alienate the left with the issue. I believe in state rights.”
IMMIGRATION: “The border needs to be secure... I don’t think amnesty is a guiding principle.”
ON HEALTH CARE REFORM: “You have to be able to buy across state lines ... We need to get away from government waste.”
ON MARIJUANA: “I would respect the voters.”
ON GUN CONTROL: “The Second Amendment... helps protect us from a tyrannical government.”

Scott Tipton

AGE: 59
EDUCATION: Fort Lewis College
POLITICAL BACKGROUND: Incumbent representative for the 3rd Congressional District; former state representative
OCCUPATION: Small business owner of Mesa Verde Indian Pottery for 30 years
FAMILY: Wife, Jean; two daughters; granddaughter
FUNDING: $487,074 in contributions
TOP ISSUE: “Jobs, our economy, are the big issues that we are hearing through our district.”
PRESIDENTIAL PREFERENCE: Never endorsed a candidate; supports Donald Trump: “The (Hillary) Clinton perspective and prescription is more government, higher taxes, more regulations.”
ON PRIMARY OPPONENT: “We take every election seriously.”
ON RURAL COLORADO: “We’re going to hold the EPA to the same accountability that private sector businesses would be held to.”
ON ABORTION: Opposes abortion except in cases of rape, incest and the mother’s life.
IMMIGRATION: “We have an administration that will not work with us... We do need to be able to secure our borders.”
ON HEALTH CARE REFORM: “Our premiums are going up to the tune of double digits, our co-pays are up, our deductibles are up, and we were promised that our premiums would go down.”
ON MARIJUANA: “We’re respectful of the vote of the people of Colorado.”
On gun control: “I will support the Second Amendment. These were terrorist attacks, this did not pertain to law-abiding citizens,” referring to recent attacks in Orlando and San Bernardino.

How to vote

Ballots were mailed recently to those affiliated with a party. Unaffiliated voters can affiliate with a party anytime through primary election day on June 28. However, if they wish to receive a mailed ballot, they must affiliate by Monday.
Completed ballots must be received by 7 p.m. June 28, and they can be returned by mail or dropped off at 24-hour drop boxes at:
La Plata County Clerk & Recorder, 98 Everett St., Suite C, Durango.Bayfield Town Hall, 1199 Bayfield Parkway, Bayfield.La Plata County Administration Building, 1101 East Second Ave., Durango.For more information about the ballot, places to vote in person or drop off ballots during limited hours, visit http://bit.ly/1sxSqz6.
The Herald’s election coverage includes the debate between the Democratic candidates in the district attorney contest and Senate candidate stories that can be found at durangoherald.com/candidates.

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