Could a 51st state come from Colo.?

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Could a 51st state come from Colo.?

If 11 counties vote to secede, there may benefits

Could a 51st state come from Colo.?

The legal sojourn

To successfully create a new state of North Colorado, the 10 counties involved in the 51st State Initiative would need the consent of both the Colorado Legislature and the U.S. Congress.
State approval of North Colorado could be achieved three ways: Passed by a citizens’ initiative, similar to the referendum that legalized recreational marijuana, or by a referred ballot measure from the Legislature, or by the ordinary passage of a state bill, said Richard Collins, a professor at the University of Colorado School of Law.
Assuming the 51st State Initiative was successful in receiving Colorado’s approval, it then would have to be presented as legislation and approved by both houses of Congress.
— Adrian Garcia for I-News at Rocky Mountain PBS

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