Healthy living is topic of discussion


Healthy living is topic of discussion

Obesity, pregnancy, teeth pegged as top issues
Other findings

Sexually-transmitted diseases were a mixed bag. The county was significantly higher than the region and state averages for chlamydia, but lower for gonorrhoea.

Thirty percent of pregnant woman smoked during their third trimester, compared to 15 percent in Southwest Colorado and 8 percent statewide. One attendee questioned this figure, wondering if it was closer to 20 percent.

Montezuma County had zero reported cases of food-borne illness. Vangi McCoy, of the Montelores Early Childhood Council, suggested that high consumption of processed foods - which are low in nutrients but less susceptible to contamination - could be a factor.

There were fewer suicides in Montezuma County than the state average, but the 'suicide-related hospitalization rate' was higher.

Seventy-two percent of adults reported eating fast-food one or more times per week, on par with the state average.

Source: Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, 2010