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Paws for Effect

Wolfwood presentation at Cortez library enthralls visitors

Paws for Effect

Disc golf for Wolfwood

The Red Cross Disc Golf of Southwest Colorado, held a tournament to benefit the Wolfwood Refuge on Saturday, Jan. 25. Nine players from Durango, Bayfield, Cortez, Mancos, Hesperus and Telluride braved the brisk rainy weather to help raise money, and food, for Paula Watson and her wolves.

The Toss in the Tundra event collected $291 and 60 pounds of dog food from their participants, all of which went to Wolfwood, which also provided their 2013 calendars as additional prizes.

Wendy's restaurant donated 40 quarts of hot chili to the event, Cortez Retail Enhancement donated $1,000 in advertising funds, Wildcat Canyon Liquors in Durango gave out goofy prizes and movie passes, Stonefish Sushi and J. Fargo's both pitched in $35 gift certificates and Olio in Mancos gave a $25 gift certificate.

All of the players walked away with some sort of bounty. Ben Bartlett, Durango, was the overall winner, shooting a 58. Aaron Lewis of Cortez, was second overall with a 59 and Durango's Al Korte in third with a 60.

The skins round was volunteer only because of the elements. Bartlett and Lewis played six holes, with Bartlett winning four. The prize for the skins round were six movie passes, which Bartlett kindly split with his opponent.

The group played for almost three and a half hours in the wet muck while Watson sat under the gazebo with her wolves. After the competition, they made their way to the library.

Other players in the competition included: David Ausencio, Telluride (62); Jay Dougan, Durango (63); Scott Davis, Mancos (65); Troy Hachman, Hesperus (80); Ava Hachman, Hesperus (96).

For more information on Red Cross Disc Golf visit or call 759-8443.

Join the Pack

Wolfwood depends entirely on contributions from caring people. They receive no federal funding or grants. All donations are applied directly towards the wolves and wolfdogs. If you would like to volunteer, donate, be on the mailing list or visit the refuge please call, 946-9606 or email

Visit for more information on their wolves and other events.

Wolf Facts

Wolves can have golden, yellow, green or brown eyes. Never blue. They are also slanted, not round.

A wolf learns through smell and has a very pointed nose. This is to hold their 100 million olfactory cells.

The canine teeth of a wolf are curved, not straight. They have the third strongest jaws of all mammals.

Their ears are very close to their head to keep in heat.

A wolf will lose 20 to 25 pounds every summer and will shed much of their fur.

Wolves have large feet with no back dew claws. Their feet act as separate temperature controls. When they are extremely cold, body heat will rise from their feet to keep them warm.

Their tail almost reaches the ground. They use it to cover their nose, when lying down, to prevent it from getting cold.

Each wolf has a black spot, a scent gland, about ten inches down their tail.

To run quickly, wolves run on their toes.

Female wolves only come into heat once a year in February. All wolves are born in May.

When hunting, wolves gorge themselves on their prey, then return to the pack. They regurgitate the food for the young, sick and old.

Face licking is a familial greeting.

At four months a pup is ready to travel with the pack. Wolves will lose half of their puppies before the age of one.

Wolves mature at the age of two. They can then find a place in the pack or leave to join a new pack. Dispersers can also form their own.

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