Building a wish list


Building a wish list

Workshops gather ideas for new high school
Notable requests

Ambient and natural light; minimize florescent glare

Integrated college/career planning center and counseling office

Opportunities for internet-based distance learning

Limit access to unwanted visitors while avoiding a 'compound' atmosphere; secure keycard entry system

Xeriscaping and low-flow fixtures, recognizing that water is a scarce commodity; reuse as much 'gray water' as possible; artificial turf for athletic fields

Efficient, intuitive foot traffic flows to classrooms and in cafeteria

Performance spaces, including a theater, large auditorium, intimate recital venue, and art galleries; accessible to both student body and community members

Incorporate visual elements of local history, landscapes, and ethnic heritage

Adjustable classrooms to handle student population growth and changes in class size/equipment; more classroom square-footage with open-air design

Spaces for vocational training, influenced by Career Pathways curriculum

Day-care center

Cafeteria with capacity to serve the entire student body; a school garden to incorporate produce grown on-site

Building orientation to maximize solar energy (passive solar for space heating, active solar for water heating)

Easily accessed HVAC units and other maintenance infrastructure (not inside ceilings or on rooftop)

Sloped roof lines to prevent water accumulation and leaks

Separate bus, parent, student and staff areas for drop-off, pick-up and parking; room for 20 parked buses at once

Fencing around campus to prevent vandalism and theft, and to provide an initial layer of perimeter security

What is an owner's representative?

Owner's reps serve as advocates for a project owner - in this case, Montezuma-Cortez Re-1 - that lacks design and construction expertise. The rep streamlines communication between the owner and various players, including architects, engineers, contractors and subcontractors, who sign on to the project. They monitor written contracts and make sure work is being done in compliance with industry standards and government regulations.

'Owner's don't typically have that knowledge in-house. (Building a school) is a once in a lifetime event. We help to monitor the cost schedule and quality control,' Kutter said.

Monday meeting

The Owners' Representatives will speak at the Rotary Club of Cortez meeting at noon on Monday, Jan. 28. The meeting is open to the public.

The meeting will be in the community room of the First National Bank of Cortez. Lunch is available for $12 - to attend, RSVP at 739-0077. Business, government and community leaders are invited to attend this presentation.