Empire Electric raising rates


Empire Electric raising rates

Billing method changing; consumers should watch usage
New rate comparison

The following is taken from the Empire Electric Association General Manager's letter addressing residential, commercial/industrial and time of use rate changes. This provides you with a comparison of Empire's average residential single phase customer using 672 kWh per month. Note that the average residential customer will see no change in billing.

Current Bill for 672 kWh per month:

Energy Charge- $0.11271/kWh $75.74

Facilities Charge- $19.50

Total for Current Bill- $95.24

Proposed Bill for 672 kWh per month:

Energy Charge- $0.09599/kWh $64.51

Facilities Charge- $30.73

Total for Proposed Bill- $95.24

save on electricity costs

1)Minimize phantom loads- unplug appliances when not using them. Appliances not in use still account for 75 percent of your electricity costs.

2)Use more energy-efficient appliances- Energy Star appliances use 10 to 50 percent less energy and can save as much as $150 a year, in the long run.

3)Change your light bulbs- replace your bulbs with quality compact fluorescent light bulbs. The bulbs will pay for themselves in about six months.

4)Install a programmable thermostat- these automatically adjust your home temperature which could save 15 percent on heating and cooling costs.

5)Seal air leaks- Caulking window leaks could save up to 10 percent on your annual energy bill.

6)Improve insulation- adequate insulation in your home can control temperatures more efficiently.

7)Conserve water- if you have an electric water heater, less hot water usage is important. Take shorter showers and be conscious of water use during dishwashing.

8)Plant trees and shrubs- planting these around your home could keep your home shaded during summer months and protected from cold winds during the winter.

Empire Electric raising rates

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