Mancos pastor to tell about effects of Rosa Sabido’s sanctuary

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 11:11 PM
Pastor Craig Paschal speaks at a candlelight vigil at the United Methodist Church of Mancos on Sept. 10.
Rosa Sabido, a Mexican national, stands outside of the United Methodist Church in Mancos in June. The church has giver her sanctuary while she continues to seek permanent residency.

The annual luncheon for the Cortez United Methodist Women will be held on Thursday, May 10, at noon, at the First United Methodist Church at 515 N. Park St.

The speaker is Pastor Craig Paschal from the Mancos United Methodist Church, which has provided sanctuary to Rosa Sabido for nearly a year, according to a news release from Eleanor Kuhl. Paschal will talk about the effects of a sanctuary church on the community, the church congregation and his ministry.

Paschal has made trips to Washington, D.C., to speak in Congress on behalf of legislation that would permit Rosa Sabido, a 20-year resident, to remain in the United States. The salad luncheon is free, and all are welcome.

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