The bike industry is bigger than us all

Monday, Jan. 1, 2018 12:34 PM

It’s time for the silent majority to find their voices together.

We as everyday citizens pay taxes and registrations on all means of travel on public roads, freeways, highways and byways whether it be city, county or state; as well as taxes, tags and licenses for off-road equipment and boats.

Those taxes and fees are supposed to help maintain these things like our road systems that did not come along until after the automobile was invented, not the bicycle.

It’s time to stop cowering to the deep pockets of the cycle industry and lobbyists and tell our politicians to impose the same registrations and user fees on all that use our public lands, highways and waterways.

Just $15 registration or stamp per person, bicycle or kayak – you get the picture, the list goes on – per year would generate billions in revenue to maintain those pretty little white bikes in bike lanes, and fill in those ruts called bike trails in Boggy Draw.

Do we really need to spend the money to extend 30 miles of bike trails? Soon, hunters will have to drive to other states to hunt!

It’s time to stop this and make them pay their fair share.

Jerry Davis