A surprise birthday party for the ages

Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2017 2:41 PM

Recently, I was invited to go to a craft show at the American Legion. But when I walked through the door, and got used to the light, there in front of me stood the strangest collection of people. After 72 years of teaching, this collection consisted of my family, people from school, former 4-H members, my church and many former students from long ago. Many of my students still live in the area, but some came from afar. It’s not easy to pull a surprise party on me, but surprised I was and couldn’t imagine how much time had gone into such an ordeal.

This was a “thank you” party and an early 90th birthday party for me. It could have gone on for days, so excited I was to see and visit with people from my past. We looked at scrap books, recalled old memories and laughed and cried at times remembered.

I never grow tired of teaching and working with kids of all ages. It is so rewarding to see them happy and well-prepared, loaded with self-confidence to make the right choices in order to meet all of the challenges this old world has to offer with dignity and purpose.

I treasure your loyalty and respect after all these years. You are not just students and friends; you are all my best friends. I want to do as much as I can for as many years as the Good Lord will allow, knowing that there will always be someone I can lean on too.

Love to you all,

Audrey Allmon