Friend disgusted with Jessica Sutch story

Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017 5:12 PM

I am a close friend of the Sutch family. I read in total disgust that your reporter and editor decided to make this young woman’s death top-page news (Journal, Dec. 1).

Although Jessica Sutch was accused of these charges, I offer my regrets and ask the people she affected to find it in your hearts to forgive her.

You, many other people and the Cortez Journal did not know the extent of the medical and mental issues she has had and sought help for (she was denied help).

Why don’t you get to the true facts of a very sick woman who was and still is loved by many? Shame falls upon you, not on Jessica Sutch. You failed her and her family. Leave this family alone.

Next time, God forbid, should another woman become a Jessica Sutch, get all the facts first before writing a most insensitive article. Write about her illness, her years of pain, her years of cries for help that never came.

I hope you are pleased with your top-page news.

Alice Ragan