Dolores holds annual Christmas Bazaar

Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2017 8:21 PM
Mitzi Wallace, creator of Cowgirl paperworks, poses with her selection at the Dolores Christmas Bazaar on Saturday.
A crowd fills the Dolores Community Center for the annual Dolores Christmas Bazaar.
Lindsey Lewis, owner of Tipzee Tumblers, speaks with a potential customer, Katrina Ruiz of Cortez, at the Dolores Christmas Bazaar.

This was Ruby Gonzales’ 26th year organizing the annual Dolores Christmas Bazaar, an annual arts and crafts show that draws participants from as far away as Monticello and Telluride.

The proceeds of the event go to the Dolores Community Center, and according to Gonzales, the event continues to grow each year.

Door prizes kept buyers on their toes with awards every 15 minutes, and a concession stand kept them fed. Vendors spilled on the grounds outside.

Gonzales estimated that about 300 people had already attended the bazaar by the afternoon, and she expected a couple hundred more.

“I go around and see how the vendors are doing, and all of them are doing just beautiful. And you can see all the beautiful stuff that they have,” Gonzales said.

She added that the event is a good way to bring people into the town and create a sense of community.

Jeannette Conacher has been participating in the bazaar with a couple of friends for about 10 years off and on.

She said it was the perfect way to kick off the holiday season and visit with the community.

“It is the biggest craft bazaar in the county,” Conacher said. “It is the best. We get to come and sell our wares and visit. Everybody comes.”