Announcements arrive after the events

Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2017 11:34 AM

On Friday, Nov. 10, my family and I attended the Dolores Schools’ annual Veterans Day Program.

The student body did an outstanding job of honoring the military men and woman who have served our country selflessly. The school band played, the choir sang, and some of the students read poems and writings that told how much they all appreciate the sacrifice our vets have made (and make every day) to keep our country safe and to keep us free.

Although in past years the public, along with the students and faculty, have packed the gymnasium, this year the turnout of the general public was really low, and I was surprised.

Well, that is until I got my newspaper in our mail that afternoon and saw the article on page 5B announcing the event.

Through the mail, Friday’s paper doesn’t get to most people until late morning or early afternoon (not everyone gets it online). So it’s impossible for someone to know about an event, let alone attend it, when it starts at 8 that morning.

Doesn’t anyone at The Journal know that it does no good to announce an event after it has taken place? A lot of hard work, thought and love went into this program. What a shame that so many people who would have loved to attend, to honor these men and women, didn’t even know about it until afterward.

Sharon Crites