Colorado’s boom times means government jobs have to up their recruitment game

Monday, Nov. 27, 2017 3:40 PM
The Regional Transportation District in the Denver area is looking for bus drivers, train operators and mechanics – and the agency is not above advertising that fact to their captive commuter audience on the light rail.

Local governments say they are increasingly turning to guerilla marketing and financial incentives – including signing bonuses – to try and lure employees in Colorado’s exceedingly tight job market.

There are hundreds of government job openings across the state. Places like Denver, Aurora, Douglas County, even Sterling, need firefighters, plumbers, chemists, mechanics and police officers. The Regional Transportation District needs 120 train operators and mechanics and bus drivers. The Colorado Department of Transportation needs more than 100 snowplow drivers.

Officials are mulling over throwing cash at people in similar ways the private sector does. Aurora Police is studying whether to offer signing bonuses. The Denver Fire Department pays people on their birthdays.

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