Praise for city employees

Monday, Oct. 9, 2017 8:21 PM

On a recent morning I was raking some leaves in my front yard and discovered a wet area right above the location of the water meter. I called the Public Works office immediately. That same day, a crew of city employees found a water leak at the water meter. I waited anxiously for the determination from them about the leak. The foreman showed me the crack in a piece of copper pipe. I was greatly relieved to be informed that the city would repair the leak at the water meter and it would be done immediately. The water service to my home was off for less than an hour!

I want to thank foreman Scott Woodall, and crew members William Hill, Josh Gritz, and Bob Seslar for their work and their consideration shown to me. They uncovered the problem quickly, diagnosed the situation, and took care of it immediately. I appreciated the respect and kindness they showed to me because I was obviously worried that there was a problem that might cost me hundreds of dollars to fix. Mr. Hill also pointed out to me that one of the trees in my front yard had a limb out over the street that was dangerous. Again, I called Public Works and asked that someone look at that situation. The next morning, a crew was there to take care of that problem as well. They would rather take care of that semi-dead limb now rather than in the coming snow and ice of winter.

Thanks to the city employees for jobs well done. This senior citizen living on Social Security appreciates your work and care. I also appreciate the friendly voice answering the phone at Public Works. I don’t know your name but I do appreciate your helpfulness. Cortez is a good place to live!

Eleanor Kuhl,