Thank you for looking for our dog

Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017 2:38 PM
Danny has been lost since the July Fourth fireworks.

Our summer in Cortez abruptly ended with doctor’s orders for seven weeks of radiation in California. This news came after Danny, our 11½-year-old, red tricolor Australian shepherd, busted out the back fence due to our neighbors’ Fourth of July fireworks. We got home before the city display started, only to find him already gone. We posted fliers, and put ads online and in The Journal. Cortez responded immediately with support, condolences, hugs, well wishes and reports of sightings.

Over the past three months, we’ve spoken to more wonderful people than we can begin to thank. Huge thanks to Kim, Carol, Roxanne, Marissa, and Shannon who keep looking in our absence. Thanks to Bob, Ron, Nancy, Joyce, Connie and nameless tourists who reported sightings. Thanks to the Cortez Animal Shelter for patiently answering daily calls. Thanks to the Humane Society for lending us their trap. Thanks to Ben for letting us set the trap near his pond. Thanks to Savannah for comforting us, saying a lot of folks would take a dog in. Maybe that skinny dog is being fed! Thanks to my Phoenix sisters who drove up and searched over Labor Day weekend. Thanks to Marilynn, our landlady.

The cancer survivor doubled up treatments to finish early on Sept. 22. At 6 a.m. Sept. 23, we were on a flight to Durango to look for Danny. No luck. The last confirmed sighting was Aug. 26. We posted county roads north of Cortez, where Danny’s been seen.

The $300 reward is for pain and suffering of whoever might have him and have gotten attached in the past month. Danny was not abandoned by California tourists passing through. He had collar and tags when he ran. Please call 805-406-9588 or the number on his tag if you have him. Many thanks! Deaf and nearly blind Maggie, a 16-year old cocker poodle, needs Danny, her hearing guide dog, to hike safely. Maggie thanks you, too!

David Hosking and NJ Carlile

Guadalupe, California