Colorado lawmakers return to fix a pot tax error

Saturday, Sept. 30, 2017 5:39 PM
Colorado legislators will return to the Capitol on Monday for a special session to fix a bill-drafting error.

Whatever plans Colorado lawmakers had for the first week of October, they are ruined now.

All 100 legislators return to the Capitol for a special session Monday. Gov. John Hickenlooper called them back to fix a bill-drafting error that has blocked marijuana dollars from organizations like the Regional Transportation District and the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District.

Hickenlooper told Colorado Matters that the special districts can’t afford the delay.

One irony is the lost revenue for the Montezuma County Hospital District. Lawmakers passed Senate Bill 267 to shore up financing for rural hospitals. Because of the error, hospitals in one of Colorado’s poorer counties is losing about $7,200 each month in sales taxes.

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