You had a vote

Saturday, March 5, 2011 12:21 AM

Dear Editor:

I find Abby Reed’s letter in Saturday’s Journal, which implies the City Council members involved in the recall lack integrity, interesting. After speaking to some local contractors not involved in the lawsuit, that those gathering signatures for the recall petition tried to intimidate them, by letting them know if they don’t sign they will not get anymore work from the developers that are involved in the lawsuit. Also I was told that if the City Council members get recalled, it would be better for their lawsuit.

If you want to talk about integrity, how come we still don’t know who paid for the flyers that went out or who is putting all the money up supporting this recall. From what I understand, the developers involved in the lawsuit against the city have a lot of money at stake. It also seems to me the city council is made up of smart, honest and articulate people who work well together. They are not there for ideological reasons or to get rich, but believe in public service.

The amount of signatures needed to have a recall is ridiculously low. I can get 250 people to agree with just about anything. It should be a good percentage of the cities population. This will save the city and taxpayers much money in the future.

You had a vote, the issues didn’t change and you voted these folks in. The money spent on the recall could have been better spent, maybe even on our schoolchildren.

Larry Berger


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