Rico-ites get ready for spring

Friday, March 4, 2011 9:25 PM

Hello to all you loyal readers of this Rico Report. For most of you, when you see my name as writer, you know it must be spring! Either that, or Marlene has taken a well deserved break.

It is quite difficult this time of year to come up with things to write about every week. My hat’s off to Marlene for the wonderful job she has done for so many years. It’s nice to see a tradition continue for our town and all those who love it, and when homeowners are away, they can feel right at home keeping up on all the latest without having to deal with the cold and snow.

As always this time of year, people start feeling the desire for summer. You might run into someone you haven’t seen for a while, and it never fails; the comment everyone agrees with is “I wish it were spring ... I am so OVER winter!”. Well, good news to those of you who may have missed it: I have witnessed the first official signs of spring. On the 17th of February, during a snow storm I heard the rolling sound of thunder, and saw the vivid flash of lightning illuminate the sky. That, my friends, is a sure sign that spring – although we seem to go from winter to summer – is beginning to arrive.

Here is an event you should mark on your calendar: “The Rico School Art Show” fundraiser. The children of the Rico school will have all of their hard work and wonderful art on display at the Rico Hotel Thursday, March 15. Barbara Betts will be cooking up her wonderful chili rellenos for celebrity chef night. Half of the proceeds of the evening’s meal will go directly to the school. Please join our community in supporting our children ... who knows, maybe one of them could be the next Picasso. The dinner will begin around 5 p.m., as will the art show. The backdrop panels from this winter’s school play will be auctioned off. They are amazing and would make a wonderful display on a wall at someone’s home or business. Bring your family and friends, and don’t forget your checkbook.

Spring break is right around the corner. Families are planning their vacations and school kids are counting down the days, anxious for the break in school (as are the parents and the teachers). Hang in there everyone, relief is on the way, and will be here before you know it.

Kim Jones is filling in for her mother, regular Rico Report columnist Marlene Hazen this week.