Makes a body wonder who should be recalled

Thursday, March 3, 2011 5:59 PM

Dear Editor:

Having been a member of the city council and the sanitation district board, I follow each with great interest. Recently in meeting with the city, the sanitation district board approved the sewer line in the Flaugh addition as a “private sewer line.” The vote was 3-2. This, to the best of my knowledge, is a totally new thing in the district. I heard it was originally suggested by the sanitation district board.

I think this is over-restriction by sanitation district board, and it is interesting that still two board members voted against it. It seems regardless what the city does, these two members are against them and they will vote on a city issue, although it is a conflict of interest. These two members were advised by the sanitation district board attorney some time ago to not vote if it was a conflict of interest as it could get charges against the sanitation district board as well as them personally.

When considering the city council application for a sewer line approval, I understand the sanitation district board had an engineering firm check the original application. I understand the firm said it was OK. Still, because of these two members and their interest in the recall election, the city is being treated unfairly. Makes a body wonder who should be recalled. People who are doing their job or ones who vote illegally?

Bob Diederich


Via e-mail