The more a problem is fed, the bigger it gets

Wednesday, March 2, 2011 11:32 PM

Dear Editor:

The Journal’s editorial on illegals illustrates the conundrum faced by politicians who attempt to address the issue, that the Denver politically biased news stations turn into a media circus smokescreen of human rights. All well and good for a steady diet of stale baloney.

If the issue is rights, the question then pertaining should be to what extent does someone who knowingly (otherwise the protesters wouldn’t be holding their “Amnesty Now” signs) illegally immigrates into the United States have rights.

Of course they have the right to demand due process, and lifetime entitlement programs of free food, housing, education, health care, enough incentives to move their entire population across the border. Yes, freedom is great, but it is not free, so what’s the Point?

Instead of tinkering with “costly legislation,” eliminate the free handout programs that are far more costly, because the more a problem is fed the bigger it gets.

Gordon Black