Montezuma County Motor Club organized

Thursday, March 9, 2017 6:18 PM
The Montezuma County Motor Club, 1913

Montezuma Journal, Cortez, April 17, 1913

A large attendance witnessed the meeting of the Montezuma County Motor Club last Sunday in Cortez. It may not be generally known that there are now thirty-six cars in this county where there was but six a year ago. A string of seventeen cars were lined up in front of the Montezuma Valley Bank where the gathering took place.

An organization was at once effected with W.I. Myler, President, G.O. Harrison, Secretary and Wm. Exon, Treasurer.

Vice-presidents were appointed as follows: Dick Morgan for the Arriola district, Harry French for the Mancos district, Wm. Exon for the Dolores district and G. O. Harrison for the Cortez district.

Randolph Williamson of Dolores and Durango, was present and gave many valuable hints which will contribute to the success of this club.

Good road is the primary object of the formation of this association, and in this association, and in this slogan all the people can enthusiastically join. The interests of this Motor Club are the interest of all. Good roads will enhance values, contribute to comfort and increase the enjoyment of living. And to show how leading men of the county are waking up on this subject we will say that last Sunday Commissioner Broadhead was personally aboard a road grader putting the road in shape from Manos to the top of the divide.

Let us all get modernized on this question, and see to it that this county has as good roads as any in the state. We can do it, and the formation of this club is a great bound in the right direction.

At Durango a similar club is in existence. This club went to the commissioners and said ”We have so much money, put yours in with ours and let us spend it.” This was done, with most satisfactory results, results beyond anything before secured.

Montezuma Journal – May 28, 1914 Page 3

Superintendent Rickner has taken steps to secure a permit to allow automobiles to make the trip into the Mesa Verde Park under certain conditions and restrictions and he is now making recommendations to the department in regard to the matter. The permit for the use of the autos in making this trip will increase the number of visitors to the Cliff Ruins.

Montezuma Journal – June 4, 1914, page 1:

“Mesa Verde Now Open for Auto Travel”

J. A. Stavely and Mrs. Blatchford made a most delightful round trip last Thursday to the Mesa Verde ruins, word having been received at Mancos by Supt. Rickner that automobiles would be hereafter be permitted to enter the park and this word was phoned to Mr. Stavely, hence the hurried trip. The writer, never having been over the road is ill equipped to cover the beauties of it as experienced by the part of four autos from Mancos beside the one from Cortez. The road is now as far as the Spruce Tree house and the scenery is unsurpassed especially the view of the Montezuma Valley. This is sure to be a popular trip for summer outings of our home people as well as with the stranger from abroad.

Taken in this way this trip can easily be made in a day if you are satisfied just to go as far as the Spruce Tree house and in two days if you wish to go father and see the other wonderful ruins. As an auto trip it is not excelled in the entire west for scenic beauty, and when sufficiently advertised will become the mecca of please seekers. Good meals and accommodations are to be had in the park so that one can travel light. We are indebted to Mr. Rickner for securing this automobile privilege for the public.

Montezuma Journal May 28, 1914, Page 3

Another carload of Fords have been received by J. A. Stavely, and will be quickly sold as the Ford has the lead in this section as in all others. They will climb everything except a tree.

Advertisement: John Stavely, Agent: Runabout $500. Tour Car $550 and Town Car $750 f.o.b. Detroit.

Advertisement: April 17, 1913:

The car built and guaranteed by the strongest company in the world. The car with the Famous Engine and noted for hill-climbing.

Contact: S.H. Phlegar, Lebanon, Co.

Article written and researched by June Head, Historian, Montezuma County Historical Society. Please direct questions or comments to her at 970-565-3880.