New yoga studio lifts off in Dolores

Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2016 8:09 PM
Alana Connelly demonstrates a hanging pose for her class in aerial yoga in Dolores.
Alana Connelly leads a class in aerial yoga in Dolores.
Ann Swope practices an aerial yoga pose.
Angela Ripley practices a hanging poses at the Dolores yoga class.
Sam Green/The Journal

Students warm up for the aerial yoga class in Dolores.
Quinn Swope learns how to do aerial yoga.

The Journal

Alana Connelly, owner of The Yoga House in Dolores, wants to bring yoga back to its traditional roots as an everyday therapy for regular people.

“Yoga has become very commercialized, and that has had mixed results,” she said from her newly remodeled studio at 411 Central Ave.

It’s good because the trend has raised awareness of the physical and mental benefits of the ancient practice. But its popularity has also created perception among non-yoga types that it’s only for super fit 20-somethings with trendy outfits.

“I want people to know that yoga is for everyone, all ages, all sizes,” says Connelly. “It builds strength and flexibility, and helps to heal and prevent injuries. Its meditative qualities will bring some calm into your life.”

The spacious studio offers yoga for all ability levels. But a new highlight for the area are the aerial yoga classes, an anti-gravity practice that combines traditional and suspended yoga poses using a soft fabric.

The variation utilizes a silk sling securely bolted to the rafters to assist in basic poses, or they are used for more intense yoga workout routines.

“Aerial yoga is versatile. One class gives a good workout, another gives support for older people, beginners, or those with limited mobility,” Connelly said.

In one case, a client had suffered for years from injuries sustained in a car crash and became homebound. Through the gentle support of aerial yoga, she regained flexibility and muscle strength and reduced pain.

“She got her life back and was able to return to her usual outdoor recreation activities,” she said.

In addition to traditional and aerial yoga classes, the Yoga House also offers massage and cranial sacral therapy. There is an in-studio local art boutique as well, with organic soaps, lotions, jewelry, clothing and art pieces.

Connelly attended a yoga certification program in Bali, Indonesia, and received her certification of aerial yoga in Boulder. She also performs Reiki on clients and their pets, a Japanese energy healing technique that restores physical and emotional well-being.

Connelly is also a career veterinarian with 20 years experience. But ready for a new chapter in life, she decided to pursue her passion for yoga full time.

“The Yoga House has an approachable philosophy that focuses on yoga for everyday people,” she said. “We hope our classes will guide people through an experience that will not only burn calories, but more importantly leave them feeling loved and enlightened.”

Her rates are $12 for drop in, five classes for $45, and 10 classes for $85. Three-month unlimited and six-month unlimited packages are also available.

For more information on services at The Yoga House visit or call (970) 676-0576.