Sheriff should write his own column

Monday, March 14, 2011 9:22 PM

Dear Editor:

I am writing regarding the March 8 headline, “Sheriffs fear trouble.” I am disappointed in Sheriff Spruell’s comments. At no point in the article does the sheriff try to defuse the situation. He is quoted as saying about the Forest Service, “The way they went about doing it was wrong. People feel that we have Big Brother coming in and telling us what to do with our forests and it is not OK.” The sheriff goes on to say that, “... I think that they (Forest Service) are really bringing it on themselves. It makes me scared and nervous of what people might do.”

In a different light, Sheriff Jerry Martin of Dolores County states, “I do not want this confrontation ... I think we need to work very diligently to resolve this matter.”

While I am not taking sides and applaud the folks who have used their freedom of speech in very creative ways over the past months, I would like to know where Sheriff Spruell stands. It would be great, if in an opinion piece in this paper, he would state his position very clearly, for the record, so that all parties would be able to stop guessing. I understand that quoting people out of context may give the wrong impression; that is why I feel that Sheriff Spruel; should use his own column to make his position clear.

Jim Skvorc


Via e-mail