Three locals named champion at Colorado State Fair

Monday, Aug. 27, 2018 6:55 PM
Norah West, of Montezuma County, won first place and was named champion in a cake decorating contest at the 2018 Colorado State Fair. It was the second consecutive year that she has won a state championship. Above, she sets up at the Montezuma County Fair on July 31.

Following are results from the 4-H Club exhibits at the Colorado State Fair. Champions and reserve champions are highlighted with an arrow.

Montezuma County

Jessalyn Bay-Voit 2115: Adv Photography Unit 6, Senior, fifth place.

Jessalyn Bay-Voit 2311: Card Making, Senior, sixth place.

Audree Butler 2821: Beginning Clothing STEAM 2 Dress (not formal wear), Junior, third place.

Jake Butler 1329: Archery Stand Alone, Intermediate, 10th place.

Lauren Butler 2109: Mastering Photography Unit 3, Senior, fifth place.

Andrew Busing 2401: Measuring Up, Junior, (Woodworking) fifth place.

Claire Busing 2404: Making the Cut, Junior, third place.

Lilly Figueroa 105: All Systems Go, Intermediate, ninth place.

Jasper Gilliland 3104: Boiling Water Canning Unit 42, Junior, third place.

Thomas Gilliland 802: Intro to Rocketry, Intermediate, fourth place.

Thomas Gilliland 3105: Boiling Water Canning Unit 42, Intermediate, seventh place.

Victoria Glazner 2411: Finishing Up, Intermediate, fifth place.

Franklin Gray 3220: Quilting Unit 2, Intermediate, ninth place.

Jorja Gray 1301: Archery, Junior, Qualifier.

Myra Gray 1718: Unfired Finishes, Senior, fifth place.

Olive Gray 3210: Knitting, Junior, fourth place.

Olive Gray 3216: Quilting Unit 1, Junior, Qualifier.

Makaya Higgins 2904: Upcycle Your Style -- Stitched, Junior, third place.

Makaya Higgins 3301: Home Environment Unit 1, Junior, fifth place.

Anna Jensen 205: Horseless Horse Unit 2, Intermediate, third place.

Kelton Judson 1312: 22 Rifle, Senior, fourth place.

Camryn Oliver 2907: Upcycle Your Style -- Combined, Junior, seventh place.

‰ Danika Oliver 2804: Beginning Clothing STEAM 1 Simple Top, Intermediate, first and Champion.

Danika Oliver 2807: Beginning Clothing STEAM 1 Simple Bottoms, Intermediate, sixth place.

Rachel Romine 2509: Sketch Crossroads, Senior, Qualifier.

Connor Rosenbaugh 1307: Shotgun, Junior, ninth place.

Cael Schmittel 2030: Sewing Leather, Senior, sixth place.

‰ Rusty Snyder 2007: Leather Carving, Junior, second and Reserve Champion.

Amanda Sturman 2309: Scrapbook Album, Senior, Qualifier.

‰ Norah West 2621: Cake Decorating Unit 5 Character, Senior, first and Champion.

Norah West 2106: Controlling the Image Unit 2, Senior, sixth place.

Julia West 2601: Cake Decorating Unit 1, Junior, Qualifier.

Joel West 801: Intro to Rocketry, Junior, fourth place.

Nolan West 808: Intermediate Model Rocketry, Intermediate, fifth place.

Dolores County

Jarret Cressler 2401: Measuring Up, Junior, Qualifier.

‰ Kinser Cressler 929: Team Robotics Unit 7, Intermediate, second and Reserve Champion.

Jonathan Davis 2404: Making the Cut, Junior, ninth place.

Jonathan Davis 3216: Quilting Unit 1, Junior, Qualifier.

Melissa Davis 3220: Quilting Unit 2, Intermediate, 10th place.

Cason Fisher 2307: Scrapbook Album, Junior, fourth place.

Cason Fisher 2301: One Scrapbooking Page, Junior, fourth place.

Nolan Hankins 3015: Cooking 201 Unit 2 Scones, Senior, third place.

Nolan Hankins 3218: Quilting Unit 1, Senior, fifth place.

Shea Murphy 3201: Crochet, Junior, fifth place.

Shea Murphy 2304: Two-page Layout, Junior, Qualifier.

‰ Grace Myers 2613: Cake Decorating Unit 5 Themed, Junior, first and Champion.

James Pastorius 3013: Cooking 201 Unit 2 Scones, Junior, Qualifier.

James Pastorius 928: Team Robotics Unit 7, Junior, fourth place.

Source: Kacey Riedel, Montezuma County CSU Extension director