Thank you all for the solar barn-raising

Thursday, Aug. 16, 2018 5:12 PM

I am writing to extend a big thank you to everyone who helped with our photovoltaic installation.

John Lyle and Dion Hollenbeck with got us started by inviting us to participate in several installations that they were doing. They provided the panels and all the hardware required, and an engineered plan for the installation. They stayed with us throughout the whole project.

Andy Carter at Empire was very helpful in guiding us through their requirements. Curtis Duncan Construction did a great job on the ground installation. Thanks to Dick Giesler and Andy Hughes, One Touch Electric, who did the electrical hookup.

Inspector Gary Freeman looked us over carefully, made some suggestions and ultimately passed us. I can wholeheartedly recommend all these people if you are thinking of installing a solar power system. Special thanks to the interns and volunteers who showed up to help with the actual work. is a nonprofit whose mission is to help homeowners with a lower cost do-it-yourself approach to installing renewable power, using the old barn-raising concept of, “you help your neighbors then they come help you.”

Wade and Ellen Foster