Montezuma County Fair’s fun contests attract a crowd

Thursday, Aug. 2, 2018 12:00 AM
A mob of children chases after chickens during a fun event at the Montezuma County Fair on Wednesday.
Eliza Lanier, 4, shows off her quickness while capturing a chicken Wednesday at the Montezuma County Fair.
Flynn Anderson gets encouragement from friends and family Wednesday during the pickle-eating contest at the Montezuma County Fair.
Emma Oakes’ dog, Echo, won a ribbon in the pet costume contest Wednesday at the county fair.
Abbey Hurst, 5, is all smiles after her chicken-chasing success.

A visit to the Montezuma County Fair features the lighter side of life with events like the jalapeño-eating contest, chicken chase and pet costume show.

There were not too many takers for the jalapeño-eating contest on Wednesday, but Franklin Gray and Vincent Busing had the guts to give it a try. Gray won by one pepper, eating five peppers in 30 seconds, to Busing’s four.

“The heat hits you after a few minutes,” Busing said, “but I love spicy food.” Gray drank down two glasses of milk provided to help ease the burn of victory.

At the other end of the table, Austin Anderson won the contest for large pickles, and her brother Flynn ate the most minipickles.

Meanwhile, over at the chicken chase, 3- to 5-year-olds gathered into a large pen with a huge crowd of families gathered to watch and cheer.

“It gets kids involved and is a surprise for parents when we gain a chicken!” said one parent. “My kids were talking about it all day.”

A dozen chickens were released and appeared to freeze as a mob of children descended, snatching them up then running toward their parents with proud smiles.

“It’s always popular and gives the city kids a chance to do something different,” said fairgrounds manager Tanner Young

Give people a chance to dress up their pets, and they will, said event organizer Katie Spiering, of Dolores FFA, over at the Main Barn.

“We’ve had some creative costumes over the years, like a chicken in a KFC bucket, a dressed-up lizard and a sheep in scuba gear,” she said.

This year was fun too, with a pit bull dressed as a hot dog, a group of energetic puppies dressed as fairies, and a goat named Spice with a mermaid outfit.

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