Flag football, kids parade kick off Mancos Days 2018

Tuesday, July 31, 2018 4:47 PM
A young cowgirl struts down Grand Avenue as part of the Kids Parade.
The winner from the floats and trailers category in the Kids Parade, called “A Little Piece of Kids Heaven,” and created with help from Victoria Lewis.
A group of kids waits to hear “Go” before a watermelon-eating contest.
Kids on horseback made up the third section of the Kids Parade, along with the floats and trailers and the individual category.
A group of kids lines the curb in wait of the Kids Parade. They have front-row seats and are hoping to get some candy that’s likely to be thrown.
One of the stands at Mancos Days in Boyle Park holds some interesting artwork and trinkets.

The 59th Annual Mancos Days kicked off Thursday with a flag football tournament put on by the Mancos High School football team. The four 7-member teams, two from Mancos (KTA and Da Rookies) and two from Farmington (Str8 Rippin and Farmington Flag Warriors), competed in a double-elimination bracket. Str8 Rippin ended up taking the win over FFW.

Because of the construction on the Mancos School District campus, the tournament was moved from the football field to Boyle Park, so preparations were a little hectic. The games quickly turned competitive, but all ended well.

“In the end, everyone had fun,” Lacey Murphy, president of the Mancos Days Association, said. “We are happy the kids want to get involved, and we were very happy to have groups come from out of town. With a little more organization and planning, I think it could be a great event in the future.”

The cost was $30 to enter, with proceeds split between the Mancos High School football team and the Mancos Days Association.

On Friday morning, the kids parade launched the day’s events. Mancos residents Heather Cannon and her son James Roemer were just two of many who lined Grand Avenue to watch the parade. Roemer said he loves “basically everything” about Mancos Days, and Cannon agreed. She said she likes how it brings people together and has been participating for years.

“I love the fact that everyone comes home,” Cannon said. “(Mancos Days) brings a lot of people to town.”

The parade had three separate categories: float and trailer, individual and horse riding. Tammy Davison and Christina Evans judged each section, and the winners were announced later in Boyle Park.

When asked about what they look for in the kids parade, Davison and Evans answered in unison, “creativity.” The winners for each category were Victoria Lewis for the “A Little Piece of Kids Heaven” trailer, Sienna Small for “A Sweet Piece of Heaven” in the individual section, and the Robbins Memorial Arena group in the horse riding section.

After the parade, kids games were held in Boyle Park. The games featured various races, a watermelon-eating contest and no shortage of prizes, with plenty more activities planned for the rest of the day, including a magician in the afternoon.

The teen movie night was a hit, Murphy said. Around 50 kids joined for the Boyle Park screening of “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

The 5k Fun Run Saturday morning also turned out to be a huge success, with the biggest turnout ever with 76 runners, Murphy said. The run was sponsored by Run+Hike, an outdoor running and adventuring store Cortez.

The volleyball tournament also kicked off Saturday morning with 23 teams registered.


Mancos Days schedule for Saturday and Sunday:
Saturday, July 29:6:30 a.m.: Pancake breakfast (P&D)
6:45: Fun Run registration (Community Center)
7:30 a.m.: Fun Run starts
7:30 a.m.: Softball tournament continues from Friday night
9 a.m.: Cornhole registration
9 a.m.: Parade registration & lineup
9 a.m.: Volleyball starts
10 a.m.: Parade starts
10 a.m.: Horseshoe tournament registration
11 a.m.: Cornhole tournament starts
11 a.m.: Horseshoe tournament starts
11 a.m. 3 p.m.: Library book sale
11:30 a.m.: Classic Car show (Grand Ave)
11:30 a.m.: Queen’s Luncheon (Pavilion)
1 p.m.: Queen’s Quilt winner announced
1-4 p.m.: Adult and kids games
2-3 p.m.: Four Corners Square Dancers
2-6 p.m.: Disc golf (Cottonwood Park)
3 p.m.: Parade winner announced
3 p.m.: Fretless Fiddler & Company
6 p.m.: Pete Giuliani
7:30 p.m.: Heather Odom
Sunday, July 30
7:30 a.m.: Softball continues9 a.m.: Sunday church services (Pavilion) and pancake breakfast
9 a.m.: Robbins Family Ranch Kids Rodeo (Robbins Arena)
12 p.m.: Cattleman’s Ranch Rodeo (