Public image limited by booze pickup

Thursday, July 26, 2018 4:59 PM

When does a public representative need to worry about his or her image? With that being said, I had a hard time explaining to my young teen driver the reason a Montezuma County official would be loading alcohol into a county vehicle at a gas station. I tried to explain that it must be a convenience matter and that they were not consuming it while driving.

The more I thought about my reasoning for this, the more I became irritated that I had to try and come up with an excuse for poor judgment of another. If the person was on their way home and making a “pit stop” that was important, then you definitely do not do it in a company vehicle. I would hope this is not the image a county would want portrayed from one of their officials.

Just because a gas station is also part liquor store located on your way home, it is no excuse to “kill two birds with one stone.” The eyes you think are not watching are doing just that, paying close attention.

Stephen Greenwood