Vlad Putin controls Trump now – and us

Thursday, July 26, 2018 4:58 PM

We have yet to grasp the gravity of the situation. What would cause our president to regard Vladimir Putin’s testimony to be more reliable than that of the arrayed and careful analysis of all of his own intelligence agencies?

Donald Trump is not stupid. But, given his immense ego, and his consistent overestimation of the scope and depth of his knowledge, we are led to conclude, he might as well be.

It is hard to explain President Trump’s ongoing romance with Russia’s dictator. A lot of people think Putin has something on him. For a moment, let’s consider as fact that they hold no such thing.

Trump has nuzzled up to Putin so often and so much. Russia is now in a position to cause a leak (false or otherwise) that our president does have prior or ongoing embarrassing relations with Russia. Regardless of the truth, this is an option now available to the Russian dictator. If Putin decided to do this, he would have a range of options for introducing this, directly or indirectly.

So, it no longer matters whether Russia actually has something on Trump. Russia is now clearly in the same position as if they did. This is a result of a long train of very bad choices our president has made.

Kevin Cook