Time for intervention to halt immigration

Thursday, July 19, 2018 10:01 PM

President Donald Trump is focused on stopping immigration at the border. That is like the little Dutch boy putting his finger in the dike and hoping to stop the Atlantic ocean.

As other presidents have done, this one needs to stop the problem at the source. Both Honduras and El Salvador are failed states, no less then Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia or Syria. The difference is they are not sending us terrorists; they are sending us drugs. We need to act. As President Bush Sr. did in Panama, as Reagan did in Grenada, as Eisenhower did in Guatemala.

This president needs to call a meeting of the Organization of American States and create a political climate for intervention. They have to know that the drug cartels are not running the country without buying off the politicians, so this is not a friendly intervention, it is exactly like the U.S. intervention in Panama. We have got to round up the cartel and the politicians and put them in jail where they can’t get out, like we finally did with Guzman. Then level the playing field with new political parties and an open, free and unintimidated election. Then and only then will the migrations stop.

It can be done. We proved it in Panama. We will also have to remember if the lesson doesn’t take with the action against El Salvador and Honduras, we must be ready to do the same in Guatemala and Mexico – both are on the doorstep of failed states.

Taking children from their parents like a bunch of Nazis at our border is not what I would call competent governance.

Terrence Whelan