Dismayed about the school board recall

Thursday, July 19, 2018 10:00 PM

It was with dismay that I learned this week that the recall election in Dolores of two school board members was going forward.

I have known Vangi McCoy for 11 years, and she is a very passionate and tireless voice for children and has an excellent reputation in our community and statewide as such. She has helped, and continues to help, so many professionals, families and children in the early childhood arena as an advocate who goes above and beyond. She has a fine moral and upstanding character. It is my privilege to know her.

While I support the right of citizens to take part in our democratic process by circulating petitions, I wonder about their motives and their misguided personal agenda. To blame Vangi and Dee Prock for the ills that have befallen the Dolores School District is unconscionable. To blame and scapegoat is a petty act, and false accusation is even worse.

As the Dolores taxpayers, at great cost, cast their vote, I hope they search for the truth of the matter and think about axes and grinding and what that entails.

Laura McHenry