Enough is never enough for unions

Monday, March 7, 2011 11:54 PM

Dear Editor:

I guess it’s about time to enter the fray on the subject of unions.

I have been on both sides of the fence both as a union member and as an employer with union employees.

The worst problem with a union is that enough is never enough. The best example comes from a friend of mine who lived in a coal-mining town. After the unions’ beloved John L. Lewis helped put the coal mines out of business and most of the mines shut down, a group of men on the street corner were bemoaning their lack of work. Their comment was, “We would do just about anything if we could just find a job.” Then a company moved into the area and opened a textile mill, so the men went to work. But after a few months, the union talking heads went to work, saying, “We need to organize this outfit and get some money for our work.” The company’s reply was, “If you organize, we will shut the plant down.” Of course. the union boys said, “There is no way they will shut down after the money they spent to start the mill,” so they organized, and the mill shut down. Then we have the same men on the same street corner, same song: “We would do just about anything if we could just find a job.”

Now about Obama bailing out the car companies. We all know that Obama and Co. couldn’t care less about the car companies. Their only concern was for their precious auto unions, who by the way created most of the problems the car companies are having in the first place.

Richard Kipp

Pleasant View

Via e-mail