Pass on Parker’s nonsense in the future

Monday, July 9, 2018 5:04 PM

In her Washington Post opinion piece, repeated in The Journal on May 29, Kathleen Parker writes, “The state is a soul-less, ruthless and insatiable machine, and its only purpose is to increase its power and subjugate its citizens.” Considered, this is pure paranoia. It is entirely at odds with the beliefs of even the most conservative founders of our great nation. Note that she is not saying that it is possible that the state will develop in such a direction, or even that it is likely. She is saying, point blank, this is how it is.

Her statement encourages and justifies a broad range of violent, anti-social and illegal behavior. In actuality, this belief is at the base of many of the most reprehensible acts the news is witness to today. In the current climate, this opinion of Parker’s is more than irresponsible.

Editors, of course, can choose whether to run this kind of harmful nonsense. I encourage The Journal to pass on this sort of thing in the future.

Kevin Russell Cook